Understanding EPOC ~ excess post-exercise oxygen consumption is **IMPORTANT

~~ aka "after burn" or "oxygen debt" ~~

EPOC causes fat loss.  Period.  Both aerobic and anaerobic exercise cause EPOC

HIIT, high-intensity interval training (an example of anaerobic) cause a greater loss of subcutaneous fat even though the calories expended during exercise is less than aerobic.  Therefore EPOC is greater after HIIT than aerobic training.

EPOC is necessary to recover to resting state, balance hormones, replenish fuel store, and cellular repair.

EPOC is cumulative, meaning the more you use it the more efficient the machine becomes (your body)

EPOC increases your metabolism all day ~ it stokes the metabolic fires so you burn more calories at rest

Bottom line ~~ get your EPOC on with HIIT ~~ 

Plyo movements help with Metobolic Syndrome and disease.  MOVE YOUR BODY!

ॐ 40min HIIT 

5 min warm up

8 - 30 sec increases of intensity (hold the 8th increase for 60 secs)

7 - 30 sec decreases of intensity back to baseline

2 min active recovery (jogging)

1 min strength sprint (incline/resistance high with mod. speed)

1 min recovery at baseline

1 min sprint (speed not incline)

2 min recovery at baseline

repeat once only better than 1st time

5 min cool down

ॐ Mountain 45 min Medium Intensity Steady state

Increase your speed &/or incline every 3 min 5 times than every 5 min after that.

Allow 6 min cool down

Treading 40 min HIIT

5 min warm-up

5 min as hard as you can

5 min recovery

4 min as hard as you can

4 min recovery

3 min as hard as you can

3 min recovery

2 min as hard as you can

2 min recovery

1 min as hard as you can

1 min recovery

5 min cool down

Natasha's Plyometric Countdown ~ do each through 10, then 9, then 8....etc

Squat jump

Lunge jump aka split squat jump

Clapping push-up

Knee jump tuck

Lateral hop

Plank skiers

Box Jump

Plyo  Jack

Speed Skaters

Toe tap

Rest 15 sec after each exercise ~ rest 60-90 sec between rounds

5 Great frequent Plyo moves for runners?

1) Forward Bounding Hops

2) Height skip

3) Ankle jump

4) Standing Long Jump aka Forward Hops

5) Toe tap

Great plyo movements not mentioned above but PLEASE incorporate as you choose!!  Mix-it up!

Box step ups

Box shuffle

Jumps for height 

Single-leg deadlift hops

Ins & Outs hops

Snowboard Hops


Jumping Spiders

Single-leg X-hops

Plyo pullups (start with dead hang then negative pullup then pullup with band if unable to do a pullup)

Frog hops

MB press jacks

Alternating rotating throw

Side shuffle MB chest press