Blue Skies favorite links:

Fort Nelson's premium health food store with quality products & personalized customer service ~ Down To Earth Health Shop

Northern Rockies Regional Municipality Recreation Department (NRRM)

Northern Rockies events calendar ~ great site for Fort Nelson(Northern Rockies)/Fort St. John(North Peace) area! FamilyFriendlyCommunity

Organic Gardening

Learn about the 3Rs "reduce reuse & recycle". Designed for kids (games!). Award winning site for best parenting and family content. Green Planet for kids.

Fewer Injuries. Healthier Children. A Safer Canada. SafeKidsCanada

Health-care community dedicated to improving the health of children (Toronto ON). Sickkids

Games & fact sheets on different animal species. Great website! Kids Planet

Kids for a clean environement. Provides information on how kids can work in their own community and how they can work on recycling. Kids F.A.C.E.

Award winning site for kids, provides interactive and innovation environement information for kids and their families. Eco Mentors

National Geographic Kids

United States EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for kids ages Kindergarten through Grade 12 

A site for kids about looking after their planet. Meet the Greens

Easy to navigate, brightly coloured & interactive site sponsored by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in the UK. Recyclezone

Learn about how our actions can have a negative impact on our environment.  Children of the Earth

For teachers, students, and families ~ great site!  Garbology

Tomorrow's leaders for sustainability Ollie's World